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Patent iNSIGHT Pro™ is a comprehensive patent analysis platform that allows you to accelerate your time-to-decision from patent analysis activities. Designed from inputs by experienced patent researchers, Patent iNSIGHT Pro easily blends into your existing research workflow.
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Need a platform that gives you the flexibility to find the answers to the questions you have ? Do you find existing solutions forcing you with analysis you dont want? With Patent iNSIGHT Pro you can:

Undertake rapid analysis for large patent sets ... with ease
Get full flexibility to drive the analysis per your needs and leverage precision text mining tools to speed up the process of analysis
Cut down the time taken to categorize patents around your internal organizational categories
Take on wider perspectives by analyzing patent data with custom data points
Get the best charting and visualisation tools to make your research output high-impact, effective and professional looking

You are an expert in managing your portfolio and tracking you IP assets and expenses. Now get the power to advise your R&D on the new ideas and increase the quality (not quantity) of new applications. With Patent iNSIGHT Pro you can:

Consolidate your research on patent positions of competitors, potential acquisitions and "trolls"
Interpret key technological indicators in advance using powerful dashboards
Conduct White space analysis and find what you need to protect
Provide industry standard analysis to R&D, licensing and management
Improve your IPR team productivity multifold by having them spend more time in technical analysis and strategy and less on data management

Get access to critical information that can help you increase your return on investments that your company has made in R&D. With Patent iNSIGHT Pro you can:

Locate those building on your inventions and map their research direction
Identify areas around your core technologies where your patents are applicable
Create Product to patent maps and create patents sets for licensing
Generate multi-generation forward and backward citation maps to predict economic value of your patent assets
Bucketize your patents in different ways to identify redundancies and out-licensing prospects
Leverage claims analysis tools to complement your assertion strategies


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Visit our Booth at any of the following events in 2014:

16-18th JanGlobal Intellectual Property Convention – Hyderabad, India

17-18th Feb - Global IP Outsourcing Conference - San Francisco, CA, USA

19-22nd FebAUTM 2014 Annual Meeting – San Francisco, CA, USA

30–1st AprSLA – Pharma and Health Technology Division Meeting – Baltimore, USA

14–16th AprInnovFest 2014 Asian Inventions Going Global - Singapore

14-15th April International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualisation (II-SDV) – Nice, France

26Apr–1stMayPIUG 2014 Annual Conference – Orange County, CA, USA

4-6th June - PATINFO 2014 Technischen Universität Ilmenau - Ilmenau, Germany

Customer Showcase

Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnologica, A.C., Mexico (IPICyt) recently showcased their analysis results at the GTM 2013 conference held in Atlanta. They combined literature and patent analysis in Patent iNSIGHT Pro to come up with trends and insights on various topics. Here are the links to their reports by topic:


Apr 2014 - We are pleased to annouce a new release of Patent iNSIGHT Pro that includes the following key improvements:

  • Custom Field Analysis: Slice-dice all custom Fields like any other field ! Full support of all analytical Custom Fields has been added to the cooccurence matrix analyzer and you can use them to generate any X vs Y matrix or chart just like other fields.
  • Enhanced Family Member Country Analysis: Analyse your categories, IPC or any patent fields across all the family members of a record for better coverage insights.
  • Import Enhancements: Support for CSV export files from TotalPatents database added. More fields now importable from PatSeer including front-page images. Misc. Improvements made to imports from Scifider and Innovation.
  • VizMAP Enhancements: Context mode Contour Maps can now be generated on any custom categorization hierarchy level.
  • Performance improvements: Miscellaneous usability and performance improvements have been done across many features.

Oct 2013- New Patent iNSIGHT Pro Release is out!

The new release includes the following key enhancements apart from many minor improvements and usability upgrades:

  • New Algo for Multi-Assignee Cleanup - New smarter algorithm to segregate Assignee names from Inventors.
  • Support for Dual charting engine: Based on User Feedback, we have reintroduced the old charting engine in Co-occurrence analyzer.
  • Support for CPC Fields in export formats from most commercial databases. Support for updated Scifinder RTF format.
  • VizMAP Improvements- Full CPC slice-dice support added to VizMAP

Contour Maps

Patent landscape Contour Map1 Patent landscape Contour Map2

See Contour maps in action in our latest technology landscape report on Food and Medicine Packaging available here.



See Patent iNSIGHT Pro in action. Watch our quick 7-minute screencast.
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Mar 3, 2014 - Technology Insight Report - 3D Printing


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