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Patent iNSIGHT Pro – CHEMPAT Edition

Patent iNSIGHT Pro CHEMPAT Edition allows users to extract chemical names intelligently from the text of patents and scientific records and then provides various tools to manage, filter, report and analyze the extracted chemicals. In case of patents compounds coming from Bibliography, Claims and description are identified separately which makes it easier to investigate the record set from a patentability, infringement or freedom to operate perspective.

CHEMPAT Edition gives an IP professional the capability to manage chemical sets by patents and journals in a particular technology domain. These can further be used for reporting, searching within, and IP analysis.

What are the key capabilities of CHEMPAT Edition ?

CHEMPAT Edition includes many features required by patent information professionals in their day to day patent activities:

Generate and extract chemicals from a wide variety of sources including patents, journals and other documents. Chemicals are tagged by their source section such as Title, Abstract, Claims and Description in case of patents.

Easy to use and manage ‘Chemical Ignore lists’ to refine the set of extracted chemicals and make the extraction process more efficient.

Run substructure, super structure and duplicate matching searches through the extracted set of chemicals.

A fully- featured GUI to create your chemical structure for purpose of running a structure search is included. Create and save your chemical structure sets and use them for search and reporting.

Side by side claims and structure analysis for quick identification of most relevant patents.

Export chemicals as lists or structure alongside patent records with your custom annotations or tags for reporting or presentation purposes.

Saved structures can be exported in variety of formats for use in various other softwares

Use Patent iNSIGHT Pro’s powerful analysis capabilities over generated set of chemical names for competitive intelligence and technology mining

CHEMPAT Edition Resources:

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