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VizMAP is a visualization module that is available as an optional add-on to Patent iNSIGHT Pro for users who seek advanced visualizations above charts and graphs for semantic exploration within large sets of patent data. VizMAP highly leverages the capability of the human visual system to identify patterns and anomalies when information is presented in an intuitive visual landscape.

Why VizMAP


VizMAP is unique from existing solutions in that it combines patent network analysis with semantic (contextual) spatial-mapping thereby allowing users to not just view clusters and their contents but analyze key relationships in their context. Interactive maps generated in VizMAP can be shared with non-users too.

VizMAP can help you:

Conduct in-depth competitor portfolio analysis
Locate areas of risk and opportunity within your technology area
Predict trends and refine R&D strategy
Gather intelligence required for your M&A activities
Three different modes of analysis – Network Mode, Context Mode and Co-Citation Mode help you visually analyze patent relationships, patent text and patent citations respectively.

VizMAP – Key Visualization Features

VizMAP allows you to visually explore key semantic clusters represented in a two-dimensional landscape built with many powerful but intuitive capabilities such as:

  Generate Contour maps for technology landscaping. See sample of such maps below:

  Using simple mouse operations you can dissect each cluster not just by contextual relationships but also by companies, inventors, classification codes and others
 You can define your own custom clusters and categories and investigate relationships from there
 Temporal analysis capabilities are built-in and you can time-slice the visualization to reflect a particular period
 Important clusters and properties are designated by the size of the halo behind it
  Higher referenced patents can be highlighted within any visualization by a single click
 Unique “Map-view” operation allows you to take a 30000 ft view and then zoom into smaller clusters around the bigger ones
 You can conduct Advanced Boolean searches and highlight results on the visualization
 Unique mouse-over operations allow you to quickly determine direct relationships between each property
 VizMAP Viewer – Using the VizMAP viewer you can practically share a map that you prepare with anyone.The recipient views exactly the same map with full interactivity such as mouse-over details, zoom, search and highlight allowing him or her to understand, interpret and derive much more from the map.

Sample Use case Scenarios with VizMAP

See how visual analysis with VizMAP can aid your analysis activities:


IP Infringement Analysis

Create a patent set in your technology space and then select Assignee Landscape to see how the patent set is spread across various Assignees. Switch map to “Context Mode” and all the patents then get concentrated according their relevance to one another. Set “Color by” option to assign unique color to each Assignee’s patents and further analyze those patents that are located close to one another.


Competitor Trend Analysis

Create a patent set of your competitor’s patents & applications and:

Launch the keyword landscape to see how the patent set is organized according to various technology terms. (You can use Patent iNSIGHT Pro to refine and normalize the keyword set prior to launching VizMAP). Use the “Time-Slice” and “See Evolution” option to see trends in various periods of time.

Alternatively use the classification landscapes to see how the patent set is spread across key classifications and then time-slice to locate trends.

Select all key technologies and then with a single-click transform the technologies to view the inventor groups behind it. Filter inventors that have been active earlier and jump to see what technologies they have been filing in the latest years.


Assignee Activity Analysis

Create a patent set around your technology of choice and use inbuilt options to segregate them into New, Active, One-year only and Experienced Assignees, Analyze their technology clusters. Locate new technologies that have a recent flurry of activity.


In-licensing Research

Create a patent set around your technology of choice (keeping all your portfolio patents too in the set). Filter the New and Single Patent Assignees and use the “Context Mode” to narrow down to patents that are contextually close to your patents.


Out-licensing research beyond citations

With a classification search set, use technology clusters in “Context Mode” and traverse the periphery of the technology spectrum to identify possible application areas and for your technologies.

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