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Frequently Asked Questions About Patent iNSIGHT Pro

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What is the architecture of Patent iNSIGHT Pro?

Patent iNSIGHT Pro is available as an on-demand online access solution, a server based hosted enterprise solution and also as a Desktop based solution. The online access is possible via the browser using Secure-RDP. The enterprise version requires that you install the software at server in your data center and users within your intranet/VPN can access the software via the web-browser.


How is Patent iNSIGHT Pro licensed ?

There are two licensing plans for Patent iNSIGHT Pro:

Perpetual License: The perpetual license is a one-time license cost and includes "Standard support " package (see details above) for first year. Customers can however choose to avail "Priority Support" package for the first year for an extra cost. There is no cost for further years however support packages can be optionally purchased from year 2 onwards.

Annual Subscription License: The annual subscription license requires each license to be renewed annually and includes "Priority Support" package (see details above) for the subscription period. The subscription helps those customers that wish to pay a lesser upfront cost and need guidance on usage.

How are multiple licenses calculated ?

For Desktop Version: The software is licensed on a machine based licensing model wherein the number of installations is equivalent to the number of licenses purchased. Various Discount Packages are available when multiple licenses are purchased and for 10 or more licenses a site license can also be worked out.

For Enterprise Version: The Enterprise version is licensed primarily on the basis of number of concurrent users accessing the system. It is assumed that the number of concurrent users is same as the total number of user-ids (user workspaces) that the software has to manage. If the number of distinct user-ids is greater than the number of concurrent users then a small additional charge per user id is also applicable.

Can a single license of Patent iNSIGHT Pro be shared by multiple users ?

For smaller organizations, remote access based sharing is permitted over the LAN or WAN, provided it is used by members of the purchasing organization. If you are require "simultaneous" usage by multiple users, then you will need multiple user licenses.


Can Patent iNSIGHT Pro support my local in-house database or custom format?

Absolutely. We will work with you to add support for your local database for no extra cost. It usually takes us 6-8 working days to add support for a new database or format.

Can Patent iNSIGHT Pro generate my custom report ?

Yes, for many existing clients we have helped provide capabilities within the software to generate their internal custom reports. If you have a particular style of report you want to get generated, please give us a sample of it and we will give you an estimate of how much time and effort is required. If its simple enough, we will gladly do it for free.


How much storage do I need for the software?

Online SaaS Access: All data is securely stored at our servers with regular backups.

Desktop Installation: The software itself does not require more than 100 MB of storage space. However the patent data accumulated over the period of time may grow to 5-10 GB or even more depending upon usage. It is recommended to have at least 20 GB free for storage of patent data.

Enterprise Installation: The enterprise solution requires around 150 MB for installation. The storage requirements for patent data vary based on the total number of users for the system. Please contact us to get an exact estimate for your needs.

How can I manage all that patent data? And what about backup ?

For Desktop/Enterprise installations, the software internally manages all the patent data including PDFs, Images and text. The data is presented to the user in the form of catalogues and reports, so that the user can easily manage the patent information. The software provides options for creating archives which can be shifted to a Tape/Optical disc for backup. During an archive full backup of all structured (text/biblio) and unstructured information (PDF/Images) is taken and so no patent information is left out. We recommend taking a backup atleast once every month or even fortnightly. (depending upon usage)

Why does Patent iNSIGHT Pro require Microsoft Office?

Some reports generated by the software are in Word and Excel. For this we leverage the Microsoft Office API's which only come when you have Microsoft Office Installed. Only Office XP, 2003 or 2007 is supported.

Will the software work if I dont have Microsoft Office installed?

Absolutely. Almost 90% of the analysis (including all the advanced analysis) and reporting can be done without Word and Excel. Most of the charts and graphs can directly be exported to PNG image format. Likewise many list and tabular exports can be directly exported to PDF format. There will however be some reports that will not be created.

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