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Patent iNSIGHT Pro Features List

Patent iNSIGHT Pro Features List

If you are considering an inhouse patent analysis solution for your organization you would be looking at flexibility, ease of use and capability as the key criteria. With Patent iNSIGHT Pro, if you think about a task, chances are that we have already provided a capability to translate that thought into action. And that isn’t a coincidence, but a result of customer-driven development which we at Patent iNSIGHT Pro have followed for the last 5 years.

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Import & Integrate Patent Data

     Support for full text downloads of 15 countries and biblio data of 100+ countries patents (Supports patent data import via inbuild integration with PatSeer API)
     Support for Commercial Databases - Supports XML / CSV / RTF /Tagged outputs from PatSeer, Delphion, Micropat, Thomson Innovation, SciFinder, Orbit, PatBase, STN, TotalPatents, CAPLUS and WPINDEX
     Support for Journals - Supports Tagged Exports from popular Journals ( INSPEC/COMPENDEX and others). Any specific Journal support can be added within 1 week upon receipt of export format.
     Number download - Submit a list of patent numbers (with kind codes where applicable) in an Excel file or a CSV file and the software will download them one-by-one for you
     Patent Front Page Image and First Drawing - As part of capturing patent text, you can also now capture and view the front page or the first drawing of Patents.
     Claims Section Capture - Full Claims section can now be separately captured in original PDF format and exported to Word documents
     Original Patent PDF download - Download the original PDF documents for all patents available on USPTO & ESPACE !
     Generic Import Engine - Import virtually any CSV and Excel format file using the easy to use and highly configurable generic import engine
     Unique "first of its kind" Web capture - Simply right-click from within Internet Explorer to select a patent number and download. Now it doesn't matter if you search on USPTO/ESPACE/Google Patents/SurfIP/Freepatentsonline / IPDL-JPO / DEPATISNET / US Assignments or any other online or paid source (even a news article!). All you need to do is select the patent number(s) and right-click download. Its unbelievingly simple !
     Custom Fields - Add upto 25 different custom fields to each record. Each custom field can be further used for searching, exporting and linking together different records.
     Generate Equivalents Portfolio - Jump right from one set to a set of family members belonging to a particular country or countries easily

View, Search and Sort Through Patent Data

     Patent Viewer - The Patent Viewer has now been redeveloped from scratch to allow quick browsing of patents within the portfolio.(includes multi-word highlighting capabilities)
     Portfolio Details Viewer - See your portfolio in an Tabular fashion with advanced searching, sorting and grouping capabilities
     Family Details Viewer - Analyze and export detailed family information
     Advanced Search - Conduct advanced boolean searching necessary for infringement or deeper dissection of your portfolio. Search features includes left and middle truncation (SLART), proximity , approximate searching and complex multi-criterion boolean searches.
     Claims Tree and Claims Comparison Viewer- Generate full-fledged Claims Tree that will help show you all the dependencies within the claims of a patent. Alternatively, you can also compare independent claims of different patents in a side-by-side viewer.
     Patent Family Tree - Visualise the relationships between all the publications that result from the original application.
     Classification Browser - Easy to use Browser to view US Class , IPC-R details and reverse search for appropriate Class Codes based on technology name

Reporting Tools

     Tabular Word/Excel Export - Export patent summaries with Images into Excel and Word
     Word Export (Paragraph) - Export full-text or summaries in a well formatted Word Document
     XML Export - Export formatted patent data into XML for use in database applications
     Report Designer Integration into PDF export - PDF reports recreated from the software can now leverage a full fledged designer that allows one to design various report templates and save them later for quick formatting

Data Cleanup and Grouping Tools

     Inventor name Cleanup
     Assignee name Merge/Cleanup - Multiple options for cleanup provided
     Unassigned/Mutli Assignee Name Cleanup - Support for US Assignments information
     Automated Cleanup and Grouping using Fuzzy Matching - Quickly group together similar names based on a match percentage
     Stopword Customization for Intelligent Keyword Extraction - Use any of our prebuilt multi-lingual stopword list or create/import your own stopword list to generate the right set of keywords. Automatic Language Detection of patents with preset 9 language stop-word lists for segmentation according to the detected language
     Thesaurus Creation/Edit and taxonomy management - Includes Automated Patent term cleanup using Thesaurus

Analysis & Mapping Tools

     Powerful Co-occurrence Analyzer - A powerful multi-dimensional analyzer that allows you to combine any two fields and understand relationships. (For example you can select assignee name and IPC main code to see a company's patenting activity across key research classifications). The analyzer goes a step further by allowing to slice any two-parameter relationship by a time to view deeper trends within the relationship. View Image in New Window. You can easily convert any matrix into a Heatmap, a chart or even export it to Excel.
     Best looking 3D Charts and Graphs - Make your presentation powerful with some of the best looking 3-D rendered column, pie, radar and Bubble Matrix charts now generated from right within the software.
     Portfolio Cluster Engine Analysis - Portfolio Cluster Engine now includes the industry's most powerful clustering engine for patents. The key capabilities of the clustering engine are: 1) Clusters that make sense - The clustering engine discovers topics that are explicit and of value to you 2) Extremely fast - Can cluster 10000 patent text (Title+Abstract+Claims) in less than 10 seconds 3) Highly Flexible - You can fine-tune the clustering at each step to narrow in topics of interest. For instance: - You can specify the number of hierarchies at cluster documents into - You can force the algorithm to cluster documents into smaller or large sets of clusters - For each level user can decide whether to see broader concepts of more specific concepts - You can fine tune their preferred length of cluster names - You can specify synonyms to customize the algorithm - You can promote important terms to influence the clustering process - Multi-language support includes English,German, French, Spanish and other latin-text languages.
     Custom Categorization - You can also define your own clusters and subclusters (upto any level). Use the auto-categorization tool to quickly cluster the patent set around each level.
     Support for IPC/UPC Based Clustering of Patent Documents (Structured Clustering)
     Support for User-Defined Categories/Technology and clustering of Patent Data around those categories. (Unstructured Text Clustering)
     Advanced Analytics wizard that can generate any type of graph depicting various trends and landscapes quickly and efficiently
     Patent Similarity Engine - Helps eliminate duplicate patents and find patents similar in Title, Abstract or even Claims to a particular patent
     Natural Language search - Search using regular English expressions. Results are automatically ranked according to Relevance
     Citation Analysis using Citation Tree - A new citation tree visualiser helps you generate full-fledged, multi-generation citation trees. Interactive options allow you to view each record details, see Assignees, Inventors for each record. Graphs for both forward and reverse citations can be generated and multi-generations (same sequence) such a G, G+1, G+2 can be generated in a single tree.
     Reports Dashboard - Quickly generate and view key statistics for the entire portfolio or for each Assignee or Inventor. All charts have full drill-down capability and you can go right behind the chart item and read/search through the subset of records behind it. Export maps charts you see as image or PDF.
     Co-Citation and Self Citation Analysis - With a single click you can map your entire search portfolio into Assignee-Assignee or Inventor-Inventor Co-citation Analysis Matrix to see how "intellectually linked" two organizations or two inventors are.
     Manual Patent Scoring - Fully Customizable Scores, wherein you decide the Score name and its levels, help you provide a rating to each patent and then generate a Score report.
     ActiveCharts - ActiveCharts allows you to display 4 or more relationships at the same time and gives you all the slice-dice and filter functionality of the cooccurence matrix. It places the more popular trendlines, column and scatter charts right within the matrix.Click here to see a 20 min demo of ActiveCharts. (Javascript and Flash required)
     360° Reports - Can be generated by Company, Inventor and Technology and compress multiple viewpoints into one single sheet
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