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How do you become an expert at using Patent iNSIGHT Pro ?

Improve your skills and performance of Patent iNSIGHT Pro by signing up to these on demand training video. The repository of online videos will provide you in-depth details of platform.

The screencasts below provide step-by-step instructions on going about using the product. All screencasts are quick 15 minute (or less) videos with audio and can be viewed online without any installation.

Getting Started

1. Post-Installation Checklist
2. Getting Started with Patent iNSIGHT Pro
3. Interface Changes in Version 3.44 and above

Key Features

  1. Add Patents – Search and Download
  2. Add Patents – From Commercial Databases and Excel files
  3. Cleaning up Assignees and Inventor Names
  4. Generating and cleaning up keywords
  5. Citation Analysis
  6. Advanced Searching in Patent iNSIGHT Pro
  7. Natural Language Searching and Similarity Searching
  8. Cooccurence Analyser
  9. Reports Dashboard
  10. Portfolio Cluster Engine – Auto-Clustering (Auto-Categorization)
  11. Portfolio Cluster Engine – User Defined Clusters
  12. Patent Scoring
  13. Generating Patent Reports in Word and Excel
  14. VizMAP – Network Mode
  15. VizMAP – Context Mode and Co-Citation Mode
  16. 360° Reports
  17. ActiveCharts
  18. Working with Custom Fields

Best Practices

  1. Importing Pubmed Records
  2. Using Patent Groups effectively during patent analysis
  3. Creating and Applying Thesauruses
  4. Using Regular Expressions for List Cleanup

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The screencasts in the learning centre are a work in progress ad infinitum. So please keep checking back for more screencasts that address different needs.

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