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Patent iNSIGHT Pro | Gridlogics announces launch of new version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro with significant enhancements

Patent iNSIGHT Pro new version now out with significant enhancements

May 5, 2013, Pune India – Gridlogics, a patent analytics solutions specialist is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro that includes many new significant enhancements to the product. The new release incorporate much of the feedback received from corporate and individual users of the product.

Details of key improvements made are as follows :-

  • Support for Commercial Imports for PatSeer Database: You can import data from Patseer database into Patent iNSIGHT Pro. From PatSeer while exporting you need to select option as Patent iNISGHT Pro and then using the newly added Commercial Import –Patseer zip option in Patent iNSIGHT Pro, you can import data.
  • Support for Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC): Co-operative Patent Classification (CPC) is been newly added in different search, import formats, download, filters, exports and charts and analysis tools.
  • Contour map in Network mode in VizMAP: You can generate Contour style shading in any network mode map too.
  • New Improved Auto Clusters: There are performance related improvements in the enhanced clustering engine. You can also find some additional parameters which will help you decide the cluster label length, get clusters in other languages etc.
  • Download All Families option added to Patent Viewer: In the Show Family members section within Patent Viewer you can also download all Families via a right click option that has been newly added.
  • Support for download of CH, AT and ES full text and CA claims: You can now download the full text of 3 additional patent authorities – Austria, Spain and Switzerland when using the inbuilt downloader. Also claims for Canadian records can also be downloaded.

Schedule a free personalized online demo on your area of research to understand how Patent iNSIGHT Pro can help meet you patent related needs. Existing users can contact us to get upgraded to the latest version.

For further details please contact us at sales@patentinsightpro.c o m or at 1.866.716.1507 , 1.408.786.5524

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