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Patent iNSIGHT Pro | Gridlogics announces launch of new version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro with significant enhancements

Gridlogics announces launch of new version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro with significant enhancements

January 17, 2011, Pune India – Gridlogics, a patent analytics solutions specialist is pleased to announce the launch of a new version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro that includes many new significant enhancements to the product. The new release incorporate much of the feedback received from corporate and individual users of the product.

Details of key improvements made are as follows :-

    1. New Correlation Map in VizMAP – A new way to visualize Network Mode maps in VizMAP. Quickly see co-relation across entities such as assignee, inventors and technology where each entity is connected via links whose thickness and color intensity is directly proportional to the number of records shared with other entity. Strongly correlated entities will appear close to each other too.

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      • Many new analyses and maps in Dashboard – The Dashboard has always been convenient to get one-click insights. It now becomes even more powerful with the number of instant charts per field being increased to 9. A new geographical coverage map has also been added for Priority Country.

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    • Global Searching across all reports and catalogues – You can now conduct full text search in records across all your reports and catalogues from a single search interface provided at the launch screen. The results of the search are seen report wise and the search uses the standard advanced search syntax and so the user can search for text, assignee, inventor and any other field of patent.
    • Create and Manage Multiple Repositories – All your existing catalogues and reports have been in the ‘Default’ repository that is created upon installation. But you can now create multiple repositories in Patent iNSIGHT Pro. A repository is like a new isolated data store in which you can create catalogues and reports. The key difference is that data within one repository is isolated and dosent overlap with another repository.
    • New method to ease manual categorization of records – Based on user feedback, a new method to View by Record has been added that allows you can view records by records quickly and manually place them into categories shown on the right panel. This is useful for users who prefer to quickly scan records and manually place them into buckets.
    • 360° Reports get more comprehensive – A new algorithm to calculate Unique and New technologies per Assignee or Inventor has been added to their respective 360° reports. The technologies referred here can be keywords, Auto-generated clusters or user defined categories.

Schedule a free personalized online demo on your area of research to understand how Patent iNSIGHT Pro can help meet you patent related needs. Existing users can contact us to get upgraded to the latest version.

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