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Patent iNSIGHT Pro | 20 Aug 2008 – Launch of Patent iNSIGHT Pro Enterprise and VizMAP

Gridlogics announces launch of Patent iNSIGHT Pro Enterprise Edition and a powerful new visual analysis module VizMAP™

August 20, 2008 – Gridlogics Technologies Ltd today announced the launch of the Enterprise hosted edition of Patent iNSIGHT Pro and a new visualization module VizMAP™.

Patent iNSIGHT Pro Enterprise brings a highly needed Server Based Computing edition to the Desktop version of Patent iNSIGHT Pro and includes enterprise collaboration, security, and privacy capabilities. Enterprises can now host the software on a secure server within their data center without the need for any installation or management at the end user computer. The user can log in to Patent iNSIGHT Pro from any computer on the intranet having access to the server via a web-browser. VPN based users too can access the software from remote sites and offices.

The enterprise solution includes the following additional capabilities for hosted usage:
• Security authentication for restriction of browser based access to select computers only
• Group policy to allow for Read/Write/modify access to portfolios
• Collaboration and sharing of portfolio and patent data between users
• Centralized data management and backup

VizMAP™ is an exciting new visualization module that is available as an optional add-on for Patent iNSIGHT Pro users who seek advanced visualizations above charts and graphs for semantic exploration within large sets of patent data. VizMAP highly leverages the capability of the human visual system to identify patterns and anomalies when information is presented in an intuitive visual landscape.

VizMAP is unique from existing solutions in that it combines the best of network mapping with semantic content-based mapping thereby allowing users to not just view clusters and their contents but analyze the IP relationships in their context. Muthu Ramalingam, Product Head for VizMAP, said “Patent Visual Analysis tools have been of two types. The first involve network analysis that allows for explorations of relationships between companies and inventors using direct, citation based, co-citation based linkages. The second perform text clustering of patents and present the data in form of spatial cluster landscape using various coloring overlays to depict trends above the underlying landscape. VizMAP combines both aspects in a single interactive landscape to allow for powerful analysis. By doing so VizMAP can answer questions such as what are the contextual overlaps and possible infringement areas been the patents sets of Company A and B? How are inventor-groups organized in a key technology cluster?”

Speaking on the new launches, Manish Sinha, CTO of Gridlogics, said “Almost all our customers with 5 and more licenses have asked for a secure, server based edition of the software that removes the need for installation on individual machines. We are happy to launch the Enterprise version to meet their needs. Further, we are also extremely excited with the launch of VizMAP. Visualizations have traditionally been the end product of analysis that land up as static charts and graphs in a report or a presentation. However “interactive” visualizations can be used effectively as a tool for analysis and discovery. As the filing rate of patents in key technology areas grow exponentially we feel that interactive visualizations such as VizMAP will be increasingly used for patent analysis.”

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